A Note from our Founder

Hi! Bethany Lee here from My Equestrian Style and the Equestrian Podcast. I started MES nearly 7 years ago as a way to get some free riding clothes that I was wearing through way too quickly! My husband Ethan and I had a background in wedding photography and what started as a small hobby turned into an incredible adventure of opportunity, growth, and influence in the equestrian world. I then started the Equestrian Podcast in 2019 and really grew legs during COVID. I started coming out with 2 new episodes a week and earlier this year I hit 1 million downloads!

It was combination of conversations with podcast guests and photoshoots for My Equestrian Style that I noticed a massive pain point in my everyday riding. It was small, but I realized this tiny annoyance really sparked my desire to create something brand new. Every time I put a hairnet on and tied my hair off into a ponytail, there was this unsightly blob of excess hairnet hanging in my ponytail. I tried to braid it into my hair or wrap it around my hair tie, but it was never quite right. When I wore my hair up, I was often worried that extra blob would slip out and dangle out of my helmet. Another issue was I often became that girl who was breaking or losing hair ties and asking around for spares.

About 3 years ago I drew my first sketch of the Ponytail Hairnet. It was a simple tweak that ended up solving the two big issues I had with hairnets. I finalized my design and filed a patent before creating several iterations of the hairnet until I felt like it was soft, super secure, durable, and solved my pain points. I am overjoyed with the outcome and feel so much more confident riding in my Ponytail Hairnet. Even though I was solving my own pain points, I hope you too can relate and find this brand new way of wearing a hairnet helpful, too!

xo Bethany